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Lily Ju


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About me

Welcome. I’m glad destiny brought you to my page. 
I’m a China based high school student passionate on theatre (a novitiate in script-writing, acting, and directing). For me, theater is some kind of life reflection. Just like Cervantes once put it, plays should be a mirror of human life, an exemplar of customs and an image of truth. The characters on stage are who we are in life, and the lights are where we are headed.
Utilizing the light and shadow to demonstrate the growth and interpreting the world on stage, this is the mission of the "theater people", but also the charm of the theater.
This site will show you the plays I've been in, the scripts I've written, and the repertoires I've seen. I'd be honored if you'd click in and read it. 
Remember, the most vibrant protagonist in life under the lights is always YOU, yourself.

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