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My Works

Drugs and Bullets

A depressed Chinese stand-up comedy actress Wanyu grapples with societal expectations, waning popularity, and the allure of new rising stars. Just as she finds refuge in the company of a seemingly devoted admirer, she uncovers a malicious bet at the root of their relationship, pushing her to confront the dark facets of human nature and her own vulnerabilities.   

It is hoped that the world will show more tenderness and kindness to people with depression, so that they will be spared from mental anguish, and that women can be respected and viewed correctly without being treated as vases.

Have A Try-x

Two middle school girls Guantong and Qingzhi are first and second place in a mid-term exam. However, Qingzhi finds a mistake that she should be the first place. Then, secrets, lies and betrayl spread between the girls and cause unexpected consequences.   

The Redeeming of Light

This story is about two lonely people, Zhang Tongyue, a student who longs for the love and attention of her parents, and Kevin Liu, a young teacher who has lost his parents at a young age and has to support his family all by himself, and who, in the midst of their constant struggles with life, become each other's warm candles, lighting up each other's world. It's a touching story of teacher-student bonding.

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