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Me and my  Little Women

Me and my Little Women


Louisa May Alcott was a famous novelist and a courageous feminist. Her work Little Women published in 1868 is the story of four sisters in the March family pursuing their dreams.The second sister Jo is the girl who least conforms to the stereotype of women in the society at that time. She is big-hearted, warm and responsible. She dares to say "no" to all the inequality of women, and uses it to pursue her dreams and find happiness for herself. She doesn't want to get married and doesn't understand why a good ending for women is to marry a rich man. But she ends up marrying a seemingly old and poor man: Professor Bhaer.This essay analyzes the character of Jo and explores the fate of women in terms of Jo’s personality and her marriage.Alcott wrote this book, perhaps to show girls to be brave, to be eternally passionate, and to be courageous enough to follow their dreams.

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